Monday, May 27, 2013

Review on The Galaxy S4 - For Umobile :D

HI Salam

I was selected to Review the GalaxyS4 the new device from Umobile
Within this few weeks i been dooing review and comparison to the galaxy S4 and in a conclution

GalaxyS4 Skrin is Beautiful
the Screen is a 5" Super AmoledHD with a pixel density of 441

Text Is Much Sharper compare to the Iphone5 and of course - Screen is much Larger on the Galaxy S4

Comparison Screen S4 vs IP5
**picture courtesy of PhoneArena

I also impress with the Camera -

You have 13 MP of resolution on the camera
It come with default 9mp in the setting but u can change it back to 13mp in the preference for the camera

Galaxy S4 - Amoda

See in full Res here -

it also works brilliantly to seperate colors - look at the color tone

Galaxy S4 - Color Tone

See in Full Res here -

Look at the night Shots :D Brilliant isn it ?

S4 - Night Test
S4 - Night Test

S4 - Night Test

S4 - Night Test

S4 - Night Test

S4 - Night Test

S4 - Night Test

After Capturing the photo with the Galaxy S4 Camera - Use Snapseed to enhance the photo


Galaxy S4 - Snapeseed Retouch Aaps

The Best Part About the Camera is -
it can be use as a DUAL camera :D

GS4 Dual Mode Camera

GS4 Dual Mode Camera

U can also use it to TEST BAJU :D
GS4 Dual Mode Camera

And This - HAHAHA
GS4 Dual Mode Camera

I also Test the Panorama Mode

And as usual - I wont be using it The Normal Way :D Panorama Portrait

Ill be continuing my Review Somewhere Later -
Stay In touch :D

U can get GalaxyS4 from Local Umobile Center | Visit for more info :D

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